Winter is the ideal season to provide nourishment to your skin , Naturally the skin is full of life and vitality . Our skin has a tremendous power to restore , repair and replenish itself .The cells that make up our skin are constantly undergoing a process called mitosis or cell division .They rapidly divide so that they can keep refuelling the fortress ( skin) which wraps around our whole body .


Our skin acts as the first and primary self defense mechanism that we have , it protects us from the elements and other potential threats like pathogenic bacteria or viruses . An imbalance at the outer layers of the skin contributes to the drab complexion and lack of glow or colour that we see sometimes on the skin .Hence it stands out to be an essential part of skin regime to undergo a complete detox in order to get the young and radiant complexion .


For centuries Unani has been preached and practiced to be one of the safest system of medicine with time tested formulations and personalized approach towards the patients , It clearly defines the Skin – Brain Connection which today is proved with countless studies that substantiate the connection between skin and brain .

The power of TOUCH which heals and nourishes comes from its deep and primordial connection to our central nervous system (CNS) .The link between CNS and skin is inexorable. Their tie goes as far back as the first satges of development in utero . In other words skin and nervous system are different branches coming off the same tree Which is based on the unani approach and principles of treatments that makes it easy to follow for vibrant results with the admixture of rich Unani Herbs.

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