Waram e Meda gastritis is caused by Su’-i-Mizaj-Mida Har o Barid (Hot and cold morbid temperament of stomach),Retention of humours within the stomach is main cause of Waram-i-Mi’da(Gastritis).It is characterized by abdominal heaviness and distention, gurgling, belching, nausea,hiccup,loss of appetite and water brashing.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is also known as nervous indigestion, spastic colon, and intestinal neurosis, functional colitis, irritable colon and mucus colitis. There is no anatomical abnormality has been found.
In Unani system of medicine, no such disease is mentioned in classical literature, which can be synonymous to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. But the various symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be traced under the heading of different diseases such as Zalqul Ama, Zaheer Kazib, Ishal, etc. (Azam Khan). These diseases may mimic the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The treatment of such diseases is not only mentioned in Unani literature, but also successfully treated by Unani physicians.

To understand how cupping works, one must first understand the functioning of the digestive system. Your body needs the fuel that food provides, but to convert it into a form that the body can use, it must first digest it. In other words, it must break the food down into the atoms and molecules that the body can absorb.

As the food passes from your mouth through the digestive tract it is slowly converted using enzymes and acids beginning with the saliva in your mouth. The food you eat provides nutrients in the form of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Your body converts proteins into amino acids and the carbohydrates or starches into simple sugars. The fats become fatty acids and glycerol while the water and other drinks you take provide the fluid content your body needs.

Absorption of Nutrients

The digestive system comprises of a tube-like conduit. The walls of this conduit move in a rhythmic motion to move the food along while it is digested. As it moves, the bloodstream absorbs the desired nutrients while waste is passed out until it exits the body naturally. The free movement of the digestive system keeps the metabolism of the body functioning so that you have enough energy for your daily activities. Any breakdown in this process can lead to what you feel are digestive issues.

How Cupping Therapy can Help

Cupping healers believe that the movement and functioning of your body systems are closely linked to your thoughts and emotions. Any stress and tension or anxiety you feel is communicated to the different organs including the digestive processes. As a result, you begin to feel stagnation, congestion, and a buildup of fat and water. This is why, you feel constipated and bloated. Cupping can release the stagnation and promote the feel movement of the digestive system. It effectively relaxes you so that the body systems continue to function normally.

Effects of Cupping on the Abdomen

The negative pressure or suction caused by cupping therapy works to stimulate the organs inside it and raise the peristaltic or pulsating processes to move food along. The intestines secrete the appropriate digestive fluids and bile so that they can draw in the nutrients from the food and the fluids needed. Thus, the entire digestive system heals and raises the metabolism levels so your body cells are nourished properly. Instantly, you feel relaxed, but at the same energetic.

After Effects of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy can work to restore the movement of food along in your body. After a cupping session, patients talk about the relief from stress they feel. They also talk about having bowels movements that are more regular. In fact, for a few days after the session, you might find that you have more frequent and a significant increase in the volume of your eliminations. As a result, symptoms like the distension of the abdomen, bloating, and acidity are all relieved.

Thus, cupping therapy can help cure patients with digestive ailments by regulating the digestion system so that it functions normally.

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