Women wellness week

AAFIYA HEALTH CARE CENTRE IS HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE #WOMENWELLNESSWEEK FROM MARCH 1ST TO 8TH TO MARK THE CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY #IWD2021. A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge choosetochallenge MISSION: To assist women to be in a position of power to make... Continue Reading →


DEAR Bangaloreans, WE ARE HAPPY TO DELIVER AAFIYA ‘S IMMUNE KIT TO YOU AAFIYA ‘S IMMUNE KIT IS A UNIQUE BLEND OF PURE HERBS effectively enhances immune-power against viral health problems such as flu and common cold. This pack includes time-tested AYUSH formulations which holistically prevents against exterior threats from viruses and disease-causing germs, as... Continue Reading →

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