Prof.Dr.AMINA ATHER is an expert in health education  for last 15 years working with personalized and preventive health care on non-invasive and non drug therapy across 21 countries and conducted public talks, keynote address , sessions, focused group discussion and counselling sessions with more than 1 million women of all ages , religion and culture. She holds a PhD in public health with her focus of heath education of women through green pharmacy .She has been conferred with doctor of medicine in unani fraternity for  clinical research in screening and management of PMS with camphor an indigenous herb on India. Right now she is screening flamer syndrome for girls between 10 to 18 years and developing preventive and personalized healthcare supported by ministry of health and family welfare , ministry of education and ministry of food , government of Karnataka,  India.

Working on satiric validation  of products derived Karnataka antibiotics limited. Developing global tourism integrated wellness village  at Bangalore under her patronage and her own foundation The solstice trust (R).She has 3000 undergraduate students , 360 post-graduate and 32 PhD from her visiting and emeritus professor with Doctoral jury – UNESCO, Emeritus-professor ( Tainshan Scholar ) China , Chief Scientific Adviser for Health education, Ministry of health and family welfare , Government of Karnataka, India. Chief Scientific Adviser – Malaysia, Visiting Professor – South Africa, Malaysia, Al Ain , Turkey, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan. Scientific Director – Medizin Park Ruhr, Germany. She has been nominated with guineas book of records for her compilation on Medicinal flora. Awards and appreciation from all around like golden hibiscus from Malaysia, and silver Quran from turkey, dream angle from Sudan and young entrepreneur from ford foundation, King Faudfoundation from UAE .

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