Assalamu alaikum Everyone

A humble request to all from the AYUSH fraternity, as we all know our strenghth lies in our age old scriptures (books) which are the reason today we are able to practice and benefit the mankind.It was the hardwork and dedication of the ancient physicians today we proudly call ourselves DOCTORS.Now its our duty to pass on the same knowledge to the next generations.

Its high time we stop blaming and start acting wisely.
If we really care about the Upliftment and Globalisation of the systems then we need to share the knowledge amongst us. COZ SHARING IS CARING .

We are working towards establisment of A DIGITAL LIBRARY FOR AYUSH which ll be easily accessible to all doctors and students of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy.)

A REQUEST to all if u have any classical BOOK of your system (any language ) kindly scan it OR u can even take CLEAR pics of the complete book BY NUMBERING THE PAGES CORRECTLY and send it to the given mail id with the details of the BOOK, AND AUTHOR .

The soft copy of the book contributed by you will be NAMED after you in the digital library and we will be happy to acknowledge your contributions.Let us all come together and contribute towards the AYUSH ERA.

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE …INSHA ALLAH we shall launch it soon .let us all pray for the success.

Thank you


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